Manufacturing Specialists with over 40 years of experience



In 2013 we acquired sweet and toffee making company ‘Candy Makers’ and in January 2014 we moved the machinery over to our premises in South Kirkby.

Candy Makers is the leading UK independent manufacturer of sugar free confectionery. The Candy Makers are in the enviable position of being able to manufacture and pack a fantastic range of fun, creative and quality products that bring smiles to the faces of people of all ages.

We can produce a myriad of mouth-watering flavours, classic and boiled sweets ‘with a twist’, tart & tangy, tasty fruit chews, luxurious chocolate eclairs, sherbert-filled sours and old-style mint & medicinal.

But, our range isn’t restricted to the ‘tried and tested’ flavours; our team of experienced confectioners are constantly experimenting with taste and texture to produce innovative shaped, coloured and tasting treats.