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Vertical Fill and Seal

Bagging / Doy Packing / Sachets

One of our core services, bagging involves the placement of product into flexible containers and sealing them. Bag filling options include:

  • Standard or euro slot crimps
  • Gusset bags/Doy bags/stand-up pouches
  • Re-closable/re-sealable bags
  • Vertical crimps
  • Horizontal crimps
  • Multi-head Bagging
  • Sachets

Our facilities incorporate vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machines, fed from either multiple bucket elevators, multi-head weighers or linear feeds. These produce bags and tubes from heat-sealable films, with variable bag sizes, and lengths. An extensive stock of forming sets is held on site.

Crimp styles include horizontal seal, with or without euroslot, and vertical seal.
All our bagging machines are equipped with ICE coders – allowing a varied range of coding to be added for each application.